Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Vocabulary game Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Vocabulary game - Essay Example The document is arranged in order of the different exercises that should be followed in sequence to prepare the students for the lesson and then to take them through the lesson and finally revise the lesson. It should be kept in mind that this vocabulary game has been designed assuming that the level of English knowledge acquired by the students in question is minimal and have never heard a single term that is used in the lesson. Therefore the teacher will have to use his or her discretion when deciding which exercises are not required as the students above the assumed level. Before beginning the lesson and introducing the terms that will be learnt in unicellular and multicellular it is best to introduce the concept of what is going to be learnt using life experience and day to day concepts. This can be done by talking to students about the single purpose and multipurpose objects such as a water kettle vs. microwave oven and a television or DVD player vs. a home entertainment system. This will enable the students to get an idea of what they are going to learn in the next chapter in science. Once the students have understood the concept that they are going to learn - use the human body to introduce the concept further. This will have more scientific basis and at the same time be something that all students understand irrespective of culture and background (Settlage, J. & Southerland, S. A., 2007). Now that the students understand the concept that they will be learning in the next chapter in their science lesson it is time to introduce some of the basic and common terms that they will be learning. These terms should be introduced with pictures or diagrams. While students may never have heard the terms before it is quite possible that they have seen the different organisms that are being introduced and this will help them to make a connection between the terms and what they already know - this will help retention and better understanding. Now that the students have made a basic connection between the common terms and diagrams it is time to let them work on their own to build and increase their understanding. Now they should be encouraged to use different resources that are available to them to learn the definitions of each of the terms that have been introduced to them. This will help give them a deeper understanding of the terms and will help them make a deeper connection with what they already know and what they are about to learn in the future. Next once the students have adequate knowledge of the terms and definitions some games can be brought in to enhance the knowledge, stimulate more interest and also to make the lesson interesting. Students can be given opportunities to become competitive by dividing them into groups and asking them to match terms with diagrams, match terms with definitions and fill in the blanks in closed sentences that would enable further understanding o

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