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Cognitive Neuropsychology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Cognitive Neuropsychology - Essay Example It is a known fact that each part of the brain is specialized to help the individual. In other words, the brain or central nervous system triggers various neural mechanisms that tie in with cognitive processes. This is evident, given that most of the abilities that individuals acquire and develop overtime are all contingent upon the normal functioning of the brain. For instance semantic and syntactic development and ability to memorize are dependent upon how well the brain develops. (Wilshire, 2009) Despite the fact that cognitive neuropsychologists only focus on the damage inflicted upon the brain and it may appear that branch is largely related to the brain in actuality cognitive neuropsychology is about the â€Å"Mind†. Cognitive neuropsychology has also been further elaborated by the concept of modularity, according to which the entire process and dynamics of this branch of psychology can be broken down and represented in the form of smaller sub-processes. (Wilshire, 2009) This aspect of the subject was established by Fodor in 1983, but was further developed by David Marr, who considered this so important that they actually elevated this approach into a principle. Hence, this came to be known as the â€Å"Principle of Modular design†. The concept of modularity is typically applied in the field of engineering and computer programming; its application to cognitive sciences is a bit complex but an effective way to represent the process nevertheless. (Rapp, 2001, p. 52) Fodor clearly dictated the method in his book called ‘Modularity of the mind’, in which he clearly demonstrated the relationship between the entire cognitive systems and its various properties. In his... This paper stresses that the basic findings pertaining to cognitive neuropsychology emerged in the 1960’s when a strong correlation was found between the structural impairment of the brain and the psychological functioning of the client. Therefore, if there is any structural irregularity in the brain then it will have major repercussion on various areas of functioning of the individual. The brain acts as the central executive system of the body that is responsible for controlling and coordinating the body. This report makes a conclusion that the absence of tangible evidence that can be used to support the module of these cognitive processes is yet another concern raised in this approach. However, in order to elucidate the process the modular approach has been very effective. Even though the modular approach can be used as plausible explanations for the cognitive processes but, neuropsychologists have conducted extensive researches in order to an alternative explanation to further understand cognitive neuropsychology. The alternative explanation of the processes was expanded using the example of neural damages. The hypothesis was based on the premise that if an individual suffered a neural damage to any part of the head that he or she would suffer significant amount of impairment to the adjacent areas of functioning. Dissociation in general, is a state that is a protective mechanism adopted by the psyche to protect the body from physical and psychological stresses.

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