Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Intellectual Property and Leadership Assignment

Intellectual Property and Leadership - Assignment Example For patenting the object it is essential that the product is analyzed for utility, enable the product for use by others, check novelty of the product that whether it is unique or not and the invention must be non-obvious. Copyright: It is awarded to original work or authorship. The entitlement remains to the author for life or for 70 years. For acquiring copyrights it is essential that the product is registered. Trademark: It identifies the source of the goods or services till the date it is used in commerce. It is subject to federal registration. Trade secret: valuable information which the organization seeks to protect till the time the information may be considered valuable. Information like ingredients of the product is considered as the trade secret. It is essential for organizations to protect their intellectual property and that sensitive trade-related information is not disclosed. Patenting of the intellectual property protects the research investment and channelizes the reac h of the markets. This requires appropriate documentation and recording for managing the intellectual property in the most effective manner. The changing time has encouraged globalization. Businesses operating in the global markets require taking decisions and assessing the challenges. The businesses are engaging in diverse work settings for profit maximization. International trade is being promoted widely for encouraging the following, Mercantilism: It is economic growth and development of the economy by increasing the exports and reducing the imports. Comparative advantage: Acquire gains from the trade of the products with which the organization is efficient. Competitive advantage: Businesses strive to acquire advantage by utilizing all the factors and resources available to the organization. Generally: Utilizing all the factors such as resources, technology, and the exchange rate. International finance includes buying of a countries currency for the utilization of goods and servi ces. This requires the determination of exchange rate which is the price of the currency of one country traded with the other. The gold exchange standards also have an impact on the value of the currency. The depreciation and appreciation of the home country’s currency are subject t various different economic factors. Contractual arrangements are made between business and the economies for their interest which attracts foreign direct investments. Analyzing international issues requires assessing political risk. Firms enter in the international markets for becoming competitive and profitable. This requires analyzing all the risk factors which are global specific country specific and firm-specific. Then further the strategies are designed which help the firms in overcoming the challenges associated with dealing with the risk. The factors like political violence and international terrorism enable the organizations in forming appropriate strategies which help it in protecting and defending its integral values. Management of the organization requires coordinating the goal s of the employees for accomplishing the desired goals and objectives of the organization. The management is required to plan, organize, staff, lead, direct and control an organization. For this, the management must possess skill sets which include political, conceptual, interpersonal, diagnostic and technical

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