Friday, October 18, 2019

The challenge of police leadership Research Paper

The challenge of police leadership - Research Paper Example amongst the team, the importance of empowering employees, the importance of making decisions with consensus, and the importance of the implementation of actions in the transparent way is highly important for becoming successful leaders. The police department also needs good leadership skills to control the law and order in the society and community (Tully 1999). The leadership skills required by the police force of any country are faced by many challenges. The biggest challenge is to control the people and make sure that everyone obeys the law. Those that are violating the laws need to be dealt in a stern way by the police (Tully 1999). Challenges with police leadership also lie in controlling the performances of the employees and delegating those tasks according to their potential and ability. The police leaders also need to control their subordinates in an effective manner so that all the subordinates conduct their duties in the manner required. Delegating orders to the subordinates by the leaders of police is a very commanding and autonomous task. It needs to be conducted with careful reviews so that all the goals and objectives are attained successfully by the department of police (Guest 2002). The leaders need to ensure that commitment and dedication is present in the employees of the police department so that when critical tasks are assigned to them, it can be ensured that the task will be carried out well by the employees. The leaders need to listen to the problems of the subordinates and other employees. If employee problems and views are considered there are high chances that successful police leadership can be attained as all employees would be willingly working hard to achieve successful results (Gilmartin and John 1998). There are ethical challenges faced by the police leadership. Bribery is one of the common things observed in the police departments. The leaders of the police department should ensure that they don’t get involved into any

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