Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Gendering Social Work Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Gendering Social Work - Essay Example As a social worker, it is my duty to extend maximum possible help to Iona. The needs of the older people are often neglected by the societies all over the world and UK is also not an exception. Most of the societies look seriously at the needs of the younger generation because of the possible contribution the society may receive from younger people in future. For example, child health and education are some of the major areas in which the society has no hesitancy to spend more. On the other hand, the needs of the older generation are often neglected by the society because of the concerns about the spending in non-productive sector. Older people have already contributed heavily to the society and it is ethically wrong to neglect them when they need the social support badly. â€Å"Social workers cannot avoid the contradictory nature of their role but sometimes they need to take a stand and show which side they are on† (Searing, 2008). The need of Iona for a sexual relationship even at the age of 82 is difficult for me to digest. But as a social worker, I cannot keep a hatred feeling towards Iona as my primary aim is to help Iona in all possible means. Probably the desire put forward by Iona cannot be fulfilled and it is not my duty to help her in this regard. But, I should accept the fact that different people may have different needs irrespective of their age and they have every right to follow their life philosophies. Dench et al (2006) have argued that the culture of entitlement in contemporary Britain may itself need to be reconsidered if further breakdown of order is to be avoided. Not only it is working against the legitimacy of the welfare state, but it may be working against the integrity of the society (Dench et al 2006 p.7). The culture and life philosophies are changing day by day based on the advancements in thinking, life styles. It is difficult for the current generation to follow the traditions, customs

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