Monday, November 4, 2019

Police Intervention Programs Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Police Intervention Programs - Research Paper Example Intervention program can be dangerous because in most cases it requires the police officer to tame the law enforcement side f his career and try to be friend with the criminal. The intervention needs the police officers to be well trained in order for them to successfully implement the intervention programs. According to Corey et al (2005), intervention programs can be regarded as a way to better deal with crime issues in the streets. The advantage with intervention programs is the fact the criminal is regarded in a different light and this allows for alternative, better way to deal with crime. This can be seen in what Corey et al (2005) report in their study. In the study, the police implemented an intervention program for street drug users. The issue with drug users is that this has two dimensions with regard to how it affects the society. Due to the fact that these drug users share the same syringe to inject the drugs, the rate of spread of HIV and other diseases such as hepatitis B is always high among these users. In the current study, the police implemented an intervention program to make sure that the rate of syringe sharing was reduced. According to Corey et al (2005), the rate of sharing was reduced, especially among the black male drug users. The study used an observation meth od to observe how the police intervention was done, a total of 89 participants were observed during the study. The results were that there was a general reduction in the sharing of street syringe users. Data indicated a higher rate of decrease of syringe sharing among the black male participants. The results of this research can be regarded in two perspectives. First, it shows that the intervention of police can lead to reduced crimes without necessarily having to arrest offenders. This solves the issue of congested prisons and police cells. On the other

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